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Meet Russel Britto – CEO of Timeless Celebrations


Royal Gala Events is more than an event planner in goa; it’s a testament to passion, experience, and a resolute commitment to crafting memorable moments. At the helm of this visionary venture is Russel Britto, the CEO and founder, with an illustrious career spanning 30 years in the industry.

Russel’s journey is not just about years; it’s about a steadfast dedication to the art of celebration. With a passion-driven approach, he has steered Royal Gala Events to the forefront of the industry, orchestrating events that transcend expectations. His vision goes beyond the ordinary, focusing on creating indelible memories for couples embarking on their wedding journey.

A true maestro, He is not just a leader but the driving force behind every detail. His extensive experience, both nationally and internationally, has shaped Royal Gala Events into a powerhouse of creativity and precision.

Creating Memories that last forever!

Royal Gala Events boasts a remarkable team, a collective force of talented individuals dedicated to bringing dreams to life. From conceptualization to execution.

At Royal Gala Events, we are not just event planner in Goa; we are a production house crafting extraordinary experiences. Join us on a journey where every celebration is a symphony of joy, orchestrated by the passion and expertise of Russel Britto and his team.

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